General Precautions in Manufactured Housing, Mandated and Volunteered

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The factory-made homes get exposed to a number of risks quite naturally; the homeowners get theirs financed and insured by a third party, just like in the case of a traditional stick-built. By using energy-efficient modules and layers of insulation, builders protect manufactured homes from inclement weather to an extent. It is said that existent […]

Standard Features to Expect When Buying Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured homes incorporate some of the latest elements in their construction that contribute to its cost effectiveness. The approach to building is a more modernized process that results in many of the advantages that are conferred to the buyer such as durability and efficiency and quicker construction. Purchasing a manufactured home is relatively easier, unlike […]

Zero Down Payment Options in Manufactured Home Loans

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Financing for new manufactured homes is a vital aspect of the buying process. For most homeowners, searching for a reliable financing option includes searching for available manufactured loans. In such housing loans, there are several key down payment options to consider and it varies greatly depending on the type of loan selected by the borrower. […]

Cost Considerations While Building New Manufactured Homes

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Expert manufacturers conceive small manufactured homes in a factory, with adherence to user specifications. A premature assessment of costs to build new manufactured homes gives some of the following specifications for a homeowner. The Base Price The user-specific customizations involved in turn determine the eventual cost of new manufactured homes. It all begins with setting […]

5 Things That Can Make Manufactured Homes Energy Efficient

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Like any site-built home, manufactured homes (formerly called as mobile homes) can be redesigned and customized to offer good energy efficiency. Adding energy efficient upgrades will not only increase the energy efficiency of the home, but also increase its resale value. Starting from the ceiling of your manufactured home, there are many changes that you […]