Things you Should Know about Mobile Home Insurance

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It is a well-known fact that both manufactured and mobile homes are different from conventional site-built homes, which means that mobile homeowners will have different insurance coverage requirements. Most mobile home insurance policies usually cover the home only for specific hazards or dangers. If you want to protect your home and the residents in it […]

Zero Down Payment Options in Manufactured Home Loans

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Financing for new manufactured homes is a vital aspect of the buying process. For most homeowners, searching for a reliable financing option includes searching for available manufactured loans. In such housing loans, there are several key down payment options to consider and it varies greatly depending on the type of loan selected by the borrower. […]

Cost Saving Tips for Buying a Manufactured Home

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Nowadays, most small manufactured homes are built using high-quality materials and these homes are available in many different sizes. Using high quality materials offer the benefits of increased durability and decreased costs for the home. Looking for such cost saving options will help the buyers to get great deals on new manufactured homes. One way […]

Cost Considerations While Building New Manufactured Homes

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Expert manufacturers conceive small manufactured homes in a factory, with adherence to user specifications. A premature assessment of costs to build new manufactured homes gives some of the following specifications for a homeowner. The Base Price The user-specific customizations involved in turn determine the eventual cost of new manufactured homes. It all begins with setting […]

3 Reasons Why People Love Manufactured Homes

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The endless financial and lifestyle benefits offered by manufactured homes are considered as the major factors that helped these structures to become widely popular among many homebuyers. Recent studies have revealed that a large portion of customers prefer to build a manufactured home rather than constructing a site-built home. In fact, over 17 million American […]