Why Living in Trailer Parks are Fun

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Trailer parks often give living comfort for those who are single. It is no wonder that the CEO of one of the top E-Commerce firms in the US, Zappos, live in a trailer park in LA. Here are some of the reasons for you to do the same thing, which Tony Hsieh has done

Budget Savvy Living

Individual trailers have on-demand resale value given the number of inhabitants in a trailer park. It would cost approximately $1000 to live in small manufactured homes, anything but that amount in trailer parks. Even less than that in fact if you manage your electricity, cable and gas expenses.

Living with Pets

For some students, living alone can be boring especially for those who are easily prone to homesickness. Trailer parks come with a small yard in front of the house and you can even form fences for your beloved pet. Just make sure you feed the pet every now and then to not disturb your neighbors.

Familial Gatherings

Some trailer park owners permit the inhabitants to take the odd barbecue event inside a trailer park. Provided no one breaks any major laws or commits a felony, such gatherings would have happy endings. You wouldn’t have to get boarding passes. You may even call your friends over on a Sunday afternoon. Playing loud music is often decided by consensus.

It Can Be One’s Second Home

Imagine finding a secret living area for your foster child? The great benefit of living inside a trailer park is the control one has over their surroundings. No one needs permission from the landlord to keep furniture in a particular space or change the wall paint from time to time. Foster children get restless easily and there is no better way to keep them engaged than offering full freedom.

Trailer Park owners often consider the personality aspect of prospect buyers when selling mobile homes individually. The ones having the most fun loving people are often the best places for living no matter the initial buying cost. You check in & check out based on your personal discretion and there is no “coming back home on or before 12 at night” rule once you choose to be at home.