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What Sets Apart Factory-Built Homes from Stick-Built Homes

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For a while, the mobile home has not hit the ground running, especially since the HUD codes of 1976. That year, Housing and Urban Development set new construction norms for differently named factory-built homes. Nowadays, one may find it tough to tell apart a conventional site-built home to the HUD coded new manufactured homes.

Past mobile homes had I-beams that run through the structure backed by concrete blocks and metal stands. In the trailer parks, one gets to see mobile homes that are towed on wheels. However, the new manufactured homes are differently named dwellings and are seldom seen in the trailer parks. Following the HUD norms, the factory controls have vastly improved and that reflects on the modular home quality quite well.

What separates a mobile home from a modular home is that the former can be moved from place to place even after final assembly, and the latter not. A certified green homebuilder inspects all the types of factory-built homes before moving the unit to the site through a truck. Come to think of it, a modular home with structured insulation panels is also bundled inside the kits. In fact, the SIP kit homes make for quick transport through a fast order delivery system.

New manufactured homes need to get a municipal permit before the unit gets assembled on a property. Of all types of factory-built homes, prefab homes are termed as the pioneer one. A prefab home resembles the looks of traditional stick-built homes, yet does not take a long time to get built. Some prefab home builders even assemble sustainable modules to drastically reduce the energy costs of a house construction.

As factory-built homes are made in controlled factory environs, they don’t leave behind scraps and that would help builders avoid the cost of hiring dumpster service. The prefabs are customized to satisfy the home specifications of an occupant and are not taken for granted by anybody. In fact, you want a doublewide modular home right now, you can mail the local modular homes manufacturer in an area.