Tips to Carry Out an Electrical Safety Audit in New Manufactured Homes

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Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical safety is of paramount importance while living in manufactured homes. A malfunctioning electrical system can cause numerous hazards to the home and its inhabitants such as fires and electrocution. Carrying out a basic safety audit of the electrical systems is one of the best ways to evaluate the safety of new manufactured homes. This will help in identifying any potential issues in the electrical system and rectify them properly.

This safety audit must be carried out in a systematic manner and must properly cover all the vital electrical components in the home. Below are some helpful tips to carry out a safety audit of the electrical system in new manufactured homes.


Preparation is one of the most important stages while carrying out an electrical system safety audit. During this stage, a detailed plan of the overall electrical systems deployed in the home is necessary. This is available along with the elevation plan of the home.

Carefully check this plan and determine the areas that need the most coverage during the audit. Now, list down the crucial parts of the electrical system, which require testing, such as the supply connections and the status of drop feeders.

Checking Electrical Grounding

Checking for proper grounding is one of the most crucial aspects while carrying out a safety audit. This is especially important for many vital components such as panels and metal shells. Proper electrical grounding will effectively discharge any of the currents into the ground and prevent any incidents of electrocution. Moreover, look into the arrangement of the wires such as the use of extension cords.

Note that extension cords are mostly of low quality and can get warm during prolonged usage increasing chances of an electrical fire. You need to make sure that such cords are used minimum in new manufactured homes.

Wiring Status

One of the key aspects of carrying out an electrical safety audit is the status of the wiring in the home. HUD guidelines require that aluminum wires must be avoided in the electrical systems of mobile homes. Check for any of the potential signs of a weakened wiring such as damages and tattered surfaces.

Verify that all of the outdoor wires are effectively shielded with weatherproof covers and other protective materials. Moreover, make sure that the electrical conduit joints placed outdoors are shielded from exposure to external elements.

Inspecting Plumbing

The plumbing system of new manufactured homes must also be inspected while carrying out an electrical safety audit. Any leakages in the pipes can cause damage to the electrical components thereby compromising the safety of the systems. Look for any indications of weakened or faulty plumbing and check the status of the electrical system.