How to Install a Vinyl Skirting in your Manufactured Home

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Installing Vinyl Skirting

Adding a skirting to your manufactured home will help improve the visual appeal of the home. Skirting is an accessory that is installed between the ground and bottom edge of the home. Vinyl skirting is used to cover the foundation of the home. The good side of using vinyl flooring is that the material expands and shrinks with the weather changes.

While installing vinyl skirting, you will need to allow a gap of about 1/32 inch between the building and the head of the nail used to install the skirting. Even though it is not important to measure the gap, you need to check that the skirting can easily slide between the home and the nails during the installation. The easy steps to install a vinyl skirting to new manufactured homes are explained below.

Plan Layout

First, you will need to mark a place where each corner will meet the ground making use of level. The next thing is to place a wood stake at each of the marked corners. After placing wood stakes at the marked corners, you can draw a straight chalk line between the points.

Attach Rails

The next step is to attach the rail. For this, you will need to place the back strip of the rail on the line that you have drawn in the previous step. You will need to attach the ends of the rail first and then attach the top rail.

While attaching the top rail, make sure that you start attaching it at the highest point of the home. After ensuring that the top rail is properly aligned and level, you can nail the top rail to the house holding the bottom of the rail. Ensure that you leave 0.5 inches between the pieces and at the corners. You can continue attaching the rails all around the perimeter of the house.

Finish the Installation

After performing the above steps, you can snap the top rail cover into the top rail. Make sure that the cut panels are covered after adding the top rail cover. Make sure not to butt the ends of the covers together as it will not allow for expansion of the material in hot weathers. You need to install the top rail cover around the manufactured home.