Helpful Tips for Adding Sunrooms to Small Manufactured Homes

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Small Manufactured Homes
Tips For Adding Sunrooms

Sunrooms are a basic room addition at small manufactured homes for increased exposure of the sun to the interiors and for providing extra living space. Besides increasing the size of the rooms, sunrooms can also significantly improve the overall value of the home.

Sunrooms offer an excellent way to bask in the sun while remaining confined to the indoor spaces of a home. Usually, sunrooms consist of a large number of huge windows that let in all the available natural light to the interiors. Although sunrooms can be easily incorporated into new manufactured homes, it takes proper planning for building and affixing a sunroom to the home. Below are some helpful tips for adding a sunroom to your manufactured home.


Taking the appropriate measurements is one of the key proprieties while planning to add a sunroom to small manufactured homes. Carry out a measurement of the area for identifying the available space for accommodating the sunroom. However, the right space for building the sunroom must be selected before taking the measurements.

Take measurements in the sunrooms and evaluate its size. This will be helpful in determining if the sunroom can be effectively added to the selected area in the home.

Acquire Building Permits

Adding a sunroom is a kind of home renovation, and therefore, requires the necessary building permits. Check with the local zoning office and obtain the required permits required for building a sunroom. This is very important, as most of the zoning offices will usually distinguish major constructions projects from the basic ones.

Designing Sunroom

Make a detailed plan that offers a glimpse into the finished appearance of the sunroom. Ensure that the important aspects such as size, window types, and number are clearly included in the design. The size and design are dependent entirely on the function intended of the room. It is better to hire a professional home designer for preparing a design of your sunroom. This will help in getting the best plans as per your requirements.

Hire Contractors

Hire contractors for adding a sunroom to your manufactured home. Doing the building process by yourself is not recommended as the construction involves precise measurements and building methods. Compare different contractors and check their references before deciding on opting one.

Purchasing Materials or Kit

Sunroom kits are available in home improvement stores and garden centers. Purchase the materials relevant for the construction from any architectural firm. This will let all the materials to be brought in for building the sunroom before you start the project. Look for the window models and doors according to the measurements in the design.