General Information about Skirting Used in New Manufactured Homes

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New Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Home Skirting

Skirting is an essential component of new manufactured homes. The skirting material serves the key purpose of protecting the underneath of manufactured homes from external elements. Besides its role as separating the underneath and the exteriors, skirting also completes the overall look of the home.

Manufactured homes are placed in an elevated position at about 16 inches from the ground and the skirting material aids in covering up this left open space. Described below is some general information about skirting used in new manufactured homes.


Skirting enhances the curb appeal of the home while also increasing its value by effectively concealing the foundation. It also serves the function of keeping away pests, vermin, and other creatures to creep into the underside of the home, and damage the critical components of the air conditioning units, insulation, ducts, and wires.

It assists in effectively insulating the underside of the home, protects the major water pipes from freezing during colder weather, and aids in keeping away the entry of water and snow into the underside of a manufactured home. In addition, Skirting also prevents the growth of molds in the underside of homes by allowing sufficient air passage.


Most of the new manufactured homes come with skirting already installed. However, for homes that do not have skirting, manual installation is required, that you can do it either by yourself or through the service of an experienced repairperson. When carrying out a skirting installation though, a proper expertise is required about the material and the home.

When planning for skirting installation one should consider the amount of material that is needed for covering the entire home. For this purpose, you should evaluate the total perimeter of the home and the average height. After this is carefully measured, look for quality distributors that offer a good supply of skirting materials.

Types and Cost

Skirting for new manufactured homes is available in a variety of materials and colors to choose from. Some of the commonly available skirting materials are vinyl, wood, lattice, aluminum, concrete, stone, faux stone, brick, etc. The costs of purchasing a skirting in your manufactured home will amount to about a few hundred dollars.

Note that the cost will also vary depending upon the material that you have selected, the height of the home, etc. Moreover, the persons you hire for the job and the place where the materials are bought also determine the overall costs of skirting installation.