Essential Things to Consider When Buying Older Mobile Homes

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Manufactured Homes
Buying Older Mobile Homes

Mobile homes have become the best alternative housing option for many potential buyers. The availability of different mobile home manufacturers has catered to the demands and preferences of a wide range of buyers regarding their ideal living options. Most mobile home manufacturers offer an array of designs to choose, alongside different construction methods employed to enhance various energy saving features. However, large sections of the buyers still go for older used mobile homes than the newly built ones. The quality and durability offered by mobile homes have resulted in its extended longevity.

Older mobile homes still provide good living standards due to the robust construction methodologies involved. However, there are certain things that need due consideration while buying an older mobile home. The following are some helpful tips that can help you buy the old mobile home of your dream.


The plumbing system remains the most important when looking for an old mobile home. Most of the older mobile homes have outdated plumbing fixtures that do not fit with the latest industry standard for homes. When considering repairs, the necessary replacement parts are sometimes hard to find, as it might be an outdated technology or part.

In addition, older mobile homes lack shut-off valves for tubs, toilets, and sinks. This makes it harder to undertake any repairs and requires shutting off the entire water supply for the purpose.

Heating and Cooling

Older mobile homes contain kerosene or oil heating systems, which is rather an obsolete system used rarely nowadays. Moreover, these types of heating systems are much expensive for use in the winter. Older mobile homes have an advantage as it contains a central heating and cooling feature. When buying an older mobile home, make sure that the heating and cooling system of the home is in perfect working order.


Older mobile homes lack any kind of frills found in most new home models. The complete décor will be outdated on older mobile homes. The general features like skylights, drywall, and wooden flooring will not be present in these homes. In addition, the condition of the décor might also be poor, and buyers need to be well aware of this when buying older mobile homes.


For older mobile homes, financing can be quite difficult since most banks are reluctant to finance for older models. Older mobile homes never appreciate and could result in the prices to drop to about half the value.