Cost Saving Benefits of an Energy Star Certified Manufactured Home

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Energy Star Certified Homes

Energy Star certification offers significant benefits to small manufactured homes like higher energy efficiency and good living experience to the inhabitants. The process of certifying a manufactured home with Energy Star begins in its construction in the controlled environment of a factory.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States has implemented a set of stringent requirements in the building of the home that makes it worthy to earn an Energy Star certification. Due to this, manufactured homes are conferred with Energy Star standards only after subjecting the home to strict inspection and on-site verification.

The renewed interest in the concept of green living has led to an increase in the demand for homes having high energy-efficient features. The cost benefits of living in such energy-efficient homes are the contributory reasons for their immense popularity among buyers. Having an Energy Star certification will result in the reduced dependence on fossil fuels and instead resort to various other renewable energy alternatives like solar, wind, etc. Described below are the cost saving benefits of opting for Energy Star certified new manufactured homes.

Upgraded Insulation

Manufactured homes that are certified with Energy Star contain upgraded insulation on the floors, walls, and ceilings. This can effectively assist in lowering the use of energy for various purposes like the heating and cooling of the homes. The presence of upgraded insulation in the ceiling, walls, and floors has significant monetary benefits. This is because they help in maintaining steady temperatures across the interior of the home, which will effectively decrease the amount of wear and tear on the heating and cooling systems, thereby reducing the costs.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy Star certified manufactured homes are fitted with energy-efficient high-performance windows. They contain several protective coatings and have better insulation that enables the perfect sealing of the home. This is helpful in maintaining heat in the interiors of the home during colder weather. It will further aid in minimizing the dependence on heating systems, which can help in saving money.

Sealed Construction

Energy Star certified manufactured homes consists of a fully sealed construction. This is highly effective in maintaining the air quality in the interiors. This effective sealing will aid in minimizing moisture, dust, and drafts inside, while also providing soundproofing for the home. This will significantly lower the utility and maintenance needs, thereby contributing to increased cost savings.