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Manufactured Housing Standards

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets the necessary standards in the construction of new manufactured homes. Homes that are built after June 15, 1976, are required to meet the criteria and norms issued by the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, which is commonly known as the HUD code.

The HUD code is displayed by a red certification sticker affixed to each of the transportable units of the home. The construction of manufactured homes is governed by a federal authority unlike in modular and prefabricated houses, where the state authorities are in charge. Regardless, the HUD certification offers many benefits for small manufactured homes.


One of the key benefits of manufactured homes with HUD codes is its durability. The HUD construction guidelines ensure a solid support system and steadiness to the home that enables it to withstand many of the extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, heavy downpour, and flood. Moreover, HUD certified homes come with excellent energy-efficient and fire resistant features.

Such homes are constructed over steel beams that ensure steady support to the overall structure of the home. The HUD certification also means that such manufactured homes come inbuilt with excellent quality and standard in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems as well as the plumbing and electrical systems.

Manufactured homes that are HUD certified are much easier to sell due to the ability to obtain loans more easily for potential buyers. Moreover, FHA provides home mortgage for HUD-certified manufactured homes, which makes it much easier for anyone wishing to sell small manufactured homes.

Older Homes

For older homes, however, certain areas are never granted the HUD certification despite any major remodeling works. In spite of its inability to obtain a HUD certification, the homeowners can seek the necessary inspection of the home by hiring qualified home inspectors and engineers for certifying it to comply with certain building standards.

Small manufactured homes that come certified with HUD standards are stronger and durable in its structure. This will enable the home to increase in its appreciation of value over time if the necessary maintenance is carried out and the home is located on a private property.

The local conditions that exist within a region must be dealt with before purchasing a manufactured home with HUD certifications. Moreover, the manufactured home must be able to endure such weather conditions in areas prone to high winds such as hurricanes or tornadoes.