5 Things That Can Make Manufactured Homes Energy Efficient

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Manufactured Homes
Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Like any site-built home, manufactured homes (formerly called as mobile homes) can be redesigned and customized to offer good energy efficiency. Adding energy efficient upgrades will not only increase the energy efficiency of the home, but also increase its resale value.

Starting from the ceiling of your manufactured home, there are many changes that you can make to the home to save energy and cut costs on electricity bills. Some of the changes are very easy and inexpensive, whereas some other may take work; however, the overall cost savings and improved energy efficiency of the home are worth it.

Add Roof Coating

Many of the manufactured home owners do not know that adding a cool coating to the roof will help to decrease temperature inside the home by reflecting up to 85 percent of the sunrays falling on the roof. These coatings can also help reduce smog and offer savings on utility bills by reducing the need of air conditioners.

Add Roof Insulation

Adding roof insulation will take little more work than adding roof coating, but you will be able to save about 15 percent on heating and cooling costs just by adding roof insulation. You can insulate the complete roof of the home or just insulate the roof cavity of the home. If your manufactured home has a sloped roof, it will be easy for you to add roof insulation.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Not only manufactured homes, in fact, all types of homes can benefit from energy efficient lighting. Studies show that most of the homes spend 10 to 12 percent of the total energy on lighting needs. Clearly, using energy efficient lighting can help in lowering the energy bills. For instance, using LED lighting is a very simple way to improve lighting efficiency of a home.

Use Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows can help you much to decrease energy charges. If your budget will not allow you to replace the windows of your old manufactured home with energy efficient windows, you can cover them with plastic window coverings. This can help you cut down the energy costs to some extent. You may remove these disposable plastic in summer.

Under Floor Insulation

Mobile and manufactured homes will have insulation under floor, but usually, they tend to be filled partially, meaning that there is room for more insulation. It will be better if you can hire the services of an insulation professional to perform the under floor insulation as it is not an easy task.