Key Documents for Selling Mobile and Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured Home For Sale
Selling Mobile Homes

Mobile homes can be moved from one place to the other depending on the needs of homeowners. Often that results in more documents than usual, thus making documentation a key activity for mobile homes, also called as manufactured homes. The following are some of the main documents required by people who has put up manufactured home for sale ads online. The absence of one of the following would result in an unwanted delay in the rather quick moving process of real estate.

Home Title

It is the buyer’s duty to get the mobile home registered not the seller’s obligation to “do the needful”. Jokes apart, trailer parks have titles issued by National Automobile Dealers Association. The title document should bear the signature of both the seller as well as the buyer alongside proof of registration.

Sales Invoice

In case the manufactured home for sale is registered as a personal property, you should submit an invoice of sale. The sale invoice should carry the signature of both the buyer as well as the seller. To get lender’s approval, you should get the invoice notarized by a government official such as an authorized legal attorney.

Occupancy Certificate

Having an occupancy certificate need not counter the need for pre inspection, as it only states the whereabouts regarding previous occupants. Occupancy certificate is a legally bound document issued by the local municipality stating compliance to all the HUD building codes. Could the possession title guarantee the fact that people had lived inside the manufactured home?

Previous Tax Papers

It is the seller’s duty to collect all the tax related documents as proof, if only to convince buyers of the same. These are not pre-requisite of new manufactured home for sale, but second hand. You wouldn’t want to changeover to manufactured homes, only to later realize, that the previous owner had not paid the taxes on time.

Billboards of manufactured home for sale pop-up every now and then especially when the residents decide to move out. Make sure you coordinate with your buyer in proper transportation if the sale had gotten through successfully with zero documentation left. American homelands have plenty of abandoned mobile homes with missing documentation mentioned above due to aging. Please check everything is in order before you make investments and proceed ahead with full compliance to rules and regulations.