4 Reasons Why you Should Settle for a Manufactured Home

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Manufactured Home For Sale
Manufactured Home Benefits

The construction of manufactured homes happens in dedicated factory settings. The finished segments of the manufactured homes are then transported to the final location and assembled. Recent studies have revealed that approximately 22 million American citizens reside in these types of homes, because manufactured homes are undoubtedly a better choice than the site-built homes.

If you are wondering whether you should buy a manufactured home or settle for a site-built home, then take a look at these advantages before reaching a conclusion. Note that many manufacturers refer manufactured homes as prefabricated homes, so do not get confused with the terms.

They are More Affordable

One of the major advantages that draws more customers towards manufactures homes is that they are a lot cheaper to build when compared to all other home types. Studies have indicated that the building cost for a manufactured home is approximately 10 to 35 percent less when compared to the building cost of a site-built home.

Fewer Building Problems

Almost all of the manufactured homes are constructed under strict guidelines and with careful supervision. On the other hand, most of the site-built homes are actually build from the scratch. This means that the contractors who build the site-built home may not have the same kind of oversight as the manufactured home manufacturers. This in turn affects the quality of a standard home and makes it less consistent when compared to manufactured homes.

Faster Construction

The final assembly of a manufactured home gets completed at a rapid pace once the utilities and foundations are in place. This means that the construction process is a lot faster when compared to site-built homes.

Multiple teams of contractors carry out the constructions of most of the standard homes and this can considerably slow down the construction process. On the other hand, most of the manufactured homes are constructed by a single team of workers, which means that there is no chance for the construction process to slow down.

They Gain Value over Time

Manufactured homes constructed these days are a lot different from the ones that were constructed a few years ago. The materials, construction methods, and designs of manufactured homes have considerably changed over the years. The factory-built homes are capable of standing the test of time and they even gain value over time.